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BuyGoldEagles.com helps thousands of Americans use their constitutional right to protect what's theirs with gold.

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Liberty, Justice and FREEDOM For All

It's a patriot's duty to be prepared for any challenges made to our hard-won way of life

Our Laws and Constitution give us the freedom to use US-minted gold coins to build a financial fortress against any form of challenge - be it an attack on our country, our family or our personal rights.

Now You Can Build That Fortress In A Tax-Advantaged Way!

Gold has always been used as a means to preserve wealth.

In the financial crash of 2007 millions of Americans were horrified to see their IRAs and 401ks lose over HALF their value. But those who had planned ahead with Gold saw 200-400% increases.

... analysts are already warning the next crash will be TEN times worse

Exactly how you use gold to help protect your family's assets depends on your circumstances and the risks you could face should our way of life come under attack.

For most clients we recommend at least TWO of the following for maximum protection:

Gold Eagles in Your Home
Gold Eagles in Your Home
Easy to carry and easy to hide - Gold and Silver Eagles are a key part of many American's preparedness strategy


Gold Eagles in Secure Vault
Gold Eagles in Secure Vault
For larger quantities of coin we can arrange ultra-secure vaulting far out of reach from greedy banker cash grabs


Gold Eagles in Your IRA
Gold Eagles in Your IRA
If you have a retirement plan, you should hold a portion of gold to help offset risks from the coming financial crisis



It’s easy to set up your personal gold reserve using our low-premium American Gold Eagles in a SECURE and TAX-EFFICIENT way

1. Grab a copy of our award-winning guide and buyer's kit. It's 100% free including express shipping direct to your door!

2. Call our helpful advisors toll-free at (888) 861-2208 and see what type of investment would be most appropriate to your needs.

3. Read our guides, subscribe to our newsletter and get some knowledge. In the coming crisis, KNOWLEDGE IS PROTECTION!

When you're ready to buy, call us toll-free at (888) 861-2208 for our special wholesale patriot's pricing!

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